The Dangerous Myth of Violent Muslim Radicalization

We're always hearing about Muslim “radicals” and how the American Muslim community has a “radicalization” problem. President Obama has even told the Muslim community to “push back” even more against “extremism.” But here's the thing: All of that's based on a bunk theory of “radicalization.”

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Sarah and Bernie

Sarah Silverman shares several videos that showcase why she is voting for Bernie Sanders

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Samantha Bee: Texas-Style Abortion

Everything's big in Texas! (Except for the amount of knowledge about healthcare or women's bodies required to completely gut abortion access.)

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This Week in Unnecessary Political Censorship

Once again, we've bleeped and blurred all the week’s big TV moments whether they need it or not. This week we feature President Obama, The Bachelor, Taylor Swift, President George W. Bush, Donald Trump and more.

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Real Time with Bill Maher: Gloria Steinem

Feminist activist and author Gloria Steinem joins Bill Maher to discuss her new book, My Life on the Road, and the state of feminism in America.

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5 Ways America is Already Socialist

Socialism, turns out the dirtiest word in U.S. politics is as American as apple pie. From the U.S. labor movement to the New Deal to corporate subsidies, America relies on a healthy dose of socialism.

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Women in Combat

Critics balk at President Obama's drive to include women in military combat units, citing a controversial study about gender differences.

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