How did the NSA get so Powerful?

The disclosures about the NSA’s secret surveillance programs shocked the nation. But how did the NSA get so powerful in the first place? The NSA began in absolute secrecy and has remained that way most of it’s life. How does an institution like exist within the framework of an open society and is it a threat to the very values it claims to be protecting?

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Bill O'Reilly's All-White Panel Debate on Racism

"The O'Reilly Factor" host Bill O'Reilly invites two white women onto his show to discuss racism in America, and Larry helpfully injects himself into the debate.

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What It's Like to Live Behind an NYPD Checkpoint in Chinatown

Since September 11th, the NYPD has maintained a security perimeter around its headquarters at One Police Plaza that’s unlike any other building in NYC. It includes the closure of smaller side streets and the occupation of Park Row, a vital 4-lane roadway that used to connect Chinatown to Lower Manhattan. For cops, the underutilized street that stretches for about four city blocks is like having their very own road and parking lot, but for tenants of Chatham Green and Chatham Towers, two residential buildings located inside the security zone, it’s a reoccuring dystopian nightmare where IDs must be shown at police-manned checkpoints to gain access.

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Chris Hayes Spoofs White Power Structure Has No Clue How To Stop Culture Of White On White  Violence

Riffing off an article by Gawker columnist Cord Jefferson yesterday, Jefferson and MSNBC host Chris Hayes satirized the right's concern with "black on black violence," rolling footage of a recent "surf riot" from Huntington Beach and asking when "the white community would gets its act together."

Following the George Zimmerman verdict, many conservative commentators, foremost among them Bill O'Reilly, asked where the black community's outrage was over black-on-black crime, and called for an honest discussion over the decay of family structure in the African American community that led to violence.Hayes and Jefferson flipped this logic on its head. Jefferson appeared as the reverse-O'Reilly character, speaking harsh truths as an African American who could no longer "sit on the sidelines."

Why Accurate Coverage Of Crime Matters

ColorOfChange partnered with Media Matters for America to study the representation of Black people in local news reporting on crime.

The result of this study is an outrageous level of distortion: while 2 out of every 4 people the NYPD arrest for murder, assault and theft are Black, 3 out of every 4 people the news media show as responsible for those crimes are Black. The exaggerated amount of Black faces linked to crime breeds suspicion and hostility toward Black people, as does the under-reporting of white-perpetrated crime. (And that's not even factoring in the vicious over-targeting of Black people by police in the first place.)

With WABC being the worst, local news stations are singling out Black people — unfairly and disproportionately focusing their crime reporting on Black suspects, and inaccurately exaggerating the proportion of Black people involved in crime. They are reinforcing stereotypes and biases that have serious consequences for Black people in everyday life.

These stations have failed the most basic responsibility of journalism: to report the news accurately. Our News Accuracy Report Card evaluates each major network affiliate in New York City for their accuracy in crime reporting. They can and must do better.

Ferguson Activist Smacks Down CNN Blitzer on Baltimore: Broken Windows Are Worse Than Spines?

Ferguson Activist Battles CNN’s Blitzer: ‘No Excuse’ for Police Violence, Either
(Mediaite) Activist DeRay McKesson, who’s received accolades for his work in Ferguson, got into it Tuesday afternoon with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who wanted him to outright condemn the violence in Baltimore last night. McKesson did so repeatedly, but also demanded acknowledgement of the violence from authorities that precipitated the riot.

McKesson pointed out that the protests had been peaceful until last night, but Blitzer listed the injuries and damage incurred over the past 24 hours. “There’s no excuse for that kind of violence, right?” Blitzer asked.

“There’s no excuse for the seven people that the Baltimore Police Department has killed in the last year either, right?” McKesson countered.

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Looooooong pause. “We’re not making comparison, obviously,” Blitzer said. “I just want to hear you say there should be peaceful protests, not violent protests, in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King?”

“You are making a comparison,” McKesson said. “You are suggesting this idea that broken windows are worse than broken spines, right?…Freddie Gray will never be back. Those windows will.”

CNN Reporter Hit with Pepper Spray on Live TV ‘It Definitely Does Hurt’ - Ryan Young, Baltimore

Monsanto Man Says Roundup Laced Water is Safe to Drink, Refuses a Glass

(ANTIMEDIA) French television station Canal+ recently sat down with Dr. Patrick Moore for an upcoming documentary. Dr. Moore, who claims to be an ecological expert and is currently the frontman for Ecosense Environmental, stated to the interviewer that Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup was not responsible for skyrocketing cancer rates in Argentina.

This claim comes on the heels of last week’s World Health Organization report citing the weed killer as a probable cause of cancer.

Soon after the interview began, it took a turn for the surreal.

Dr. Moore insisted that Roundup is safe to drink, at which point the interviewer did the only logical thing one could do in that situation. He offered the doctor a glass of the weed killer to allow him an opportunity to back up his statement. The following is the text from that exchange.

Real Time with Bill Maher: Sean Penn and Republican Mutiny

Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn joins Bill Maher and panelists Arianna Huffington, Sharyl Attkisson and Tom Rogan to discuss the efforts by 47 Republican senators to undermine the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran.

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