James Brown's Lost Interview

"Black is not a color; it's an attitude. It's the attitude of independence, respect and dignity."
- James Brown

Interview by Rocci Fisch
1984. Washington, D.C. Convention Center

Henry Rollins to Ann Coulter

Henry Rollins is an American spoken word artist, writer, journalist, publisher, actor, radio DJ, activist and former singer-songwriter. Many of you may remember him as the front man for the California punk rock band Black Flag, or from his television series The Henry Rollins Show.

Rollins has also hosted MTVs 120 Minutes, and Jackass, enjoyed a recurring dramatic role in the second season of Sons of Anarchy and has also had roles in several films. Rollins has also campaigned for various political causes in the United States, including promoting LGBT rights, World Hunger Relief, an end to war and has toured overseas with the USO (United Service Organizations) to entertain American troops.

A few years ago, as part of his Henry Rollins Show project he created a series of letters to include the one here to ultra right-wing conservative author, journalist and pundit Ann Coulter.

Totally Biased: Wyatt Cenac Interview

Wyatt Cenac stops by to chat about the intersection of comedy and news, ?uestlove, and pretending to be friends with Jay-Zall topics Kamau knows well. Except for pretending to be friends with Jay-Z, that is. Hov and Kamau go way back.*

*Not really.

Maher: Republicans Hard-On for Obama

Bill Maher took on the Republicans and their handling on all the so-called scandals the past couple of weeks.

He hits the nail on the head when he addresses the unbridled hypocrisy of Republicans and how they refuse to acknowledge the most important threat mankind has ever encountered.

Meet John Doe

A man needing money agrees to impersonate a nonexistent person who said he'd be committing suicide as a protest, and a political movement begins.

George Takei PSA: Gays Beware

Funny Or Die produced this PSA narrated by George Takei explaining that if you meet someone who opposes gay marriage in the wild, it's important to treat him or her sensitively and with restraint. And maybe expose them to snazzy bow ties and Broadway shows.

Check out the clip above to see Takei, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Brad Goreski tell explain how to treat homophobes.

Beastie Boys on Being Stupid

"There's a way we talk and it includes profanity. We never figured we'd be arrested for it."

- Mike "Mike D" Diamond

Interview by Rocci Fisch for ABC News Radio

1985, Washington, D.C. Cassette Tape

Executive Producer: David Gerlach

Animator: Patrick Smith

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Colbert: Takedown of the Debt Monster

Thomas Herndon, a grad student, found a simple Excel spreadsheet error (and some missing data from countries such as Canada and Australia) in the study that has been used by Conservatives around the world such as Paul Ryan to argue for austerity that is, cutting government spending and social services.

The study encouraged conservative governments in other countries to kill government jobs and spending. It didnt work, and in fact, has caused a lot of suffering for many people. In an economic recession, its much better for all if the government spends money rather than pulling back.

So basically, the whole economic theory was based on flaws, and those flaws were discovered by a grad student.

Stephen Colbert is in rare form in this clip. Enjoy!